How does it work?

An extremely fine powder, EES Amended Silicates™ is injected directly into a plant’s post-combustion flue gas stream. There it reacts chemically with vapor-phase mercury to create a harmless, non-flammable, and non-corrosive solid compound that is effectively captured by the plant’s particulate control system.

The resulting compound, unlike carbon-based products, does not prevent the use of the plant’s fly ash for concrete or block production, eliminating the need for costly landfill disposal while creating a tangible revenue source for plant operators. Equally important, the reaction product, when stored in holding ponds, does not leach mercury, nor heavy metals, limiting potential harm to area groundwater supplies. Use of Amended Silicates also avoids aquatic toxicity due to bromine in wastewater and holding ponds, rapidly becoming a greater concern for utilities with wet scrubbers utilizing brominated products and halogens.