Analysis & Recommendation

Diagnosis & Solutions

In-depth analysis without meaningful recommendations is no help at all; critical decisions affecting operations, production, expansion and even plant design can depend upon testing results. EES Amended Silicates offers the unique perspective gleaned from decades of relevant experience and literally hundreds of comprehensive tests on behalf of air quality clients. For our clients that means a powerful combination of quantitative and qualitative results and analyses: accurate testing data and reliable recommendations for implementing genuine solutions, utilizing conventional or emerging technology.

Leadership & Results

EES Amended Silicates can evaluate both process and air pollution control equipment function to ensure optimal performance for permitting purposes. Understanding the intricacies of each plant’s integrated system, EES Amended Silicates' team of professionals can compare boiler performance to original design parameters, evaluate combustion practices or conduct parametric testing for combustion and/or air pollution control.

Onsite & Immediate

From simple in-stack filtration to complex instrumental analyzer monitoring systems, EES Amended Silicates can provide the equipment and expertise to offer the complete range of routine and non-routine emissions testing services. With immediate results, EES Amended Silicates' integrated team of experts provide a thorough diagnosis and recommend appropriate solutions.

Service Details

  • Analysis Key Chemicals: HCl, HF, SO2, SO3, and Hg