EES Amended Silicates focuses its efforts – product development and professional services – in a distinct and important category: coal burning boilers. Within that singular emphasis, EES Amended Silicates concentrates on the two most prevalent sectors: power utilities and industrial plants. Our primary goal is simple: to provide plant operators with the products, knowledge and expertise to ensure that their plants operate optimally and within the complex and ever-stricter environmental standards.

Power Utilities

EES Amended Silicates provides key products and professional services to support compliance with environmental regulations for the utility industry.

EES Amended Silicates also offers highly professional services to utility customers to test, analyze, and recommend technology solutions across a wide range environmental emissions issues. Among these are compliance with the 2015 EPA MATS regulations and the latest updates to emissions limits for NOx, SOx, and particulates. Services include planning, testing, project management of subcontractors, procurement of rental instruments and equipment associated with testing, analysis of multiple data streams, and preparation of test reports and recommendations.

Industrial Boilers

EES Amended Silicates has closely followed the development, revisions and final release of the EPA Boiler MACT, which requires operators of major industrial boilers firing a variety of fuels to comply with more restrictive emission limits. Highly effective for just such use, EES Amended Silicates are available for test at both major sources and area sources. Emission limits for mercury from coal-fired industrial boilers are higher than for coal-fired utility boilers, so lower injection rates are anticipated. Please contact us for more information on the use of EES Amended Silicates products in industrial boilers.

EES Amended Silicates' test group has broad experience in completing test and evaluation projects on industrial boilers to provide data and recommendations for compliance with updated regulations. These experienced personnel are adept with the wide range of instruments and equipment for conducting projects for a wide range of industries. Activities have ranged from documenting compliance to evaluating alternative technologies via temporary installation and operation of competing equipment. Key to successful completion of such trials is a strong working relationship and detailed understanding of requirements and objectives of the project. EES Amended Silicates Professional Services personnel have earned an outstanding reputation for quality relationships with industrial clients.