AS-DryScrub, Amended Silicates for Dry Scrubbers

  • AS-DryScrub is an EES Amended Silicate product specifically designed to effectively capture mercury in dry scrubbers and circulating dry scrubbers.
  • The ability of Amended Silicates to reactively capture both elemental and oxidized forms of mercury combined with the longer residence times of dry scrubbers, yields high product utilizations and low product injection rates.
  • Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) and Brominated Powdered Activated Carbon (BPAC) continually adsorb and desorb mercury from their active surfaces, thus limiting PAC & BPAC to low sorbent utilizations, typically much less than 1%.
  • Amended Silicates on the other hand reactively capture and permanently sequester mercury from the flue gas, enabling well over 95% and even 100% product utilization.
  • All that is required for AS-DryScrub to be effective is to have a fairly long retention time, and Dry Scrubbers and Circulating Dry Scrubbers (CDS) provide the long retention times.

How Much Better does AS-DryScrub Perform than PAC & BPAC?

  • For Dry Scrubbers:  2 X as much advanced BPAC is required as needed for AS-DryScrub
  • For CDS Systems: 5 X as much advanced BPAC is required as needed for AS-DryScrub

Amended Silicates Can Drop My Injection Rate by Half to 1/5th?    YES!!!

  • For plants with dry scrubbers, if they currently inject 2,000,000 lbs/year of PAC or BPAC, the amount of AS-DryScrub required to achieve the same mercury reduction would typically only be 1,000,000 lbs/year.
  • For plants with advanced CDS Systems, if they currently inject 1,000,000 lbs/year of PAC or BPAC, then typical injection rates of AS-DryScrub to achieve the same compliance would only be 200,000 lbs/year.

What are the Potential Benefits of Using AS-DryScrub instead of PAC and BPAC?

  • AS-DryScrub is by far the Most Effective and Lowest Cost Option for Hg control in dry scrubbers and CDS Systems.
  • AS-DryScrub is based on the Amended Silicate Technology Platform, and is therefore the most environmentally friendly product on the market.
  • AS-DryScrub won’t burn in silos as PAC and BPAC sometimes do.
  • AS-DryScrub is also not corrosive.  BPAC on the other hand has been found to cause severe corrosion damage to silo walls.

Who Else Is Using AS-DryScrub, and for How Long?

  • AS-DryScrub has been continuously used by plants configured with Dry Scrubbers and CDS Systems since 2014.
  • Please contact EES for more information and to get a utility reference for the AS-DryScrub product.