AS-Total, for Heavy Metal and Acid Gas Control

AS-Total is a combination of an advanced Amended Silicate product and a technology application tailored to the specific requirements of each individual power system, to remove trace metals and acid gases upstream of the SCR, Air Heater, and Scrubber.

Would you like a single, inexpensive solution to eliminate and resolve all or a combination of the following challenges?

  • Arsenic and or potassium poisoning of SCR catalysts
  • Selenium capture and removal from the scrubber
  • Blue Plume
  • Downstream equipment and duct corrosion
  • Wastewater contamination issues, due to collection of halides and heavy metals
  • HCl, SO3, or H2SO4 emission regulation limits
  • Ammonium bisulfate deposition and plugging of air heaters

How Does the AS-Total Technology Work?

The AS-Total Technology utilizes advanced high-temperature Amended Silicate products and an in-depth understanding of acid gas and trace metal speciation, reactivity, and mitigation mechanisms to capture and remove all of the acid-gas and trace-metals desired before they even reach the SCR, Air Heater, or wet Scrubber, via dry powder injection at specific locations upstream of the SCR and in the furnace.

How Will This Benefit My Power Plant?

The benefit of applying the AS-Total Technology to your power plant will be to economically address all acid gas and trace or heavy metal issues in a single effort.  Specifically, the AS-Total Technology will:

  • Prevent formation of Ammonium Bisulfate and Plugging of the Air Heater
    • Reduce the number of required outages, downtime, and maintenance costs
    • Increase and maintain the units pre-heat air temperature and overall efficiency
  • Remove Acid Gases, Such as HCl and H2SO4
    • Keep the facility in compliance with acid-gas emission permit limitations
    • Prevent downstream equipment and duct corrosion
    • Prevent contamination of scrubber wastewater and potential water release violations
  • Remove Selenium before It Can Even Reach the Wet Scrubber
    • Eliminate the need for expensive biological or other post treatment requirements for removal of selenate.
  • Remove Other Heavy Metals and Halides Before they can Reach the Scrubber
    • Prevent contamination of scrubber wastewater and potential water release violations

How Would The AS-Total Technology Be Implemented at My Power Plant?

In order to apply the AS-Total Technology to your power plant, EES personnel would need to gather information about your plant configuration, equipment, current acid-gas and trace metal concentrations, analyses of coals fired and the perceived plant needs and current and anticipated regulatory requirements.

With this information, EES will design a solution and initial test campaign to optimize the AS-Total Technology for your particular power plant and verify its expected implementation.