AS-DIOX is an advanced Amended Silicate product able to catalytically destroy dioxins, furans, and other trace toxic organics from industrial process gasses and flue gas.

EES has developed this new Amended Silicates product for dioxin and furan mitigation from waste incinerators, cement kilns, and other industrial furnaces.  This NEW Amended Silicates Product, called AS-DIOX, is a variation of the mercury-control products EES sells and has all of the SAME ADVANTAGES of the Amended-Silicates products for mercury control.

AS-DIOX has advantages over activated carbon for dioxin and furan mitigation.  Specifically, AS-DIOX catalytically destroys all forms of dioxins and furans, rather than just adsorbing them, as activated carbon does.  Therefore, unlike when carbon is used, it is not necessary to incinerate the fly ash when AS-DIOX is used, because the dioxins and furans are already destroyed.

Furthermore, the activity of the catalytically amended clay (AS-DIOX) is extremely high and is able to effectively remove and destroy dioxins and furans at temperatures anywhere from < 100 °C to over 450 °C, without decomposing or losing effectiveness.

Table 1 below contains a comparison of the AS-DIOX performance for dioxin and furan destruction compared with another non-carbon catalyst material and also with a commercial activated carbon, each of which have been shown to effectively mitigate dioxin and furan emissions more effectively than standard activated carbons.

As shown, AS-DIOX was much more effective at mitigating the dioxins and furans.  Furthermore, AS-DIOX was able to catalytically destroy the dioxins and furans regardless of their concentration and at all temperatures.  In addition, repeated laboratory tests (over 30 exposure cycles) showed that AS-DIOX never deactivated, while even the other effective catalytic material deactivated after 12 runs, and activated carbon deactivated after ~25 cycles.

Dioxin Mitigation Product % Dioxin/Furan Removed at 180 °C % Dioxin/Furan Removed at 450 °C Doses before Deactivation
AS-DIOX 100% 90% > 30
Another Catalytic Product 90% 5% 12
Activated Carbon 70% 0.0% ~25

How Would AS-DIOX be Applied at My Facility?

AS-DIOX may be injected as a dry powder into the ductwork of your facility at a location convenient to your facility.  Alternatively, fixed, low-pressure-drop beds of AS-DIOX catalyst may be installed in the flue gas path, only requiring infrequent replacement.

For the environment, for safety, for your plant economics, AS-DIOX is the Right Choice!