AS-ULTRA Advanced Product for Hg Control

AS-Ultra is an advanced Amended Silicate product for capturing, removing, and permanently sequestering mercury from plants without scrubbers and for plants with scrubbers, with an objective to remove the mercury before it gets to the scrubber.

Are You in a Hurry to Get Rid of Your Mercury?

AS-ULTRA will Remove Your Hg Quickly!!!

Plants configured with wet or dry scrubbers retain injected powders for mercury control for extended periods of time; 15 to 20 seconds in typical dry scrubbers, and as much as 4 minutes or more in some advanced circulating dry scrubbers (CDSs).

Plants without scrubbers on the other hand, typically only have a few seconds to remove mercury from their flue gas, and some facilities have less than a half second to remove mercury.

AS-ULTRA was designed with a very high mercury reaction rate, specifically for power plants that do not have scrubbers or for those that would like to prevent mercury from getting to their scrubber.

Over a number of years, development efforts have increased the Amended Silicate Product mercury capture rate by over 60 times. As shown in the figure above, the product today is able to capture mercury at a rate 60 times that of the most effective product available in 2013.

The Next Generation of AS-ULTRA will have 120 times the mercury capture rate of that 2013 product.

What Does That Mean for My Power Plant?

The higher mercury capture rate of AS-ULTRA means that very little product will be used to capture the mercury and all the benefits of Amended Silicates are yours as well, including:

  • No PAC, so No Hg Leaching - Permanent Sequestration of Hg
  • No Halide Addition - Reactive Capture of All Hg Forms
  • No Contamination of Fly Ash - Fly Ash Sales are Protected & Enhanced
  • No Corrosion from added halides - AS-ULTRA doesn’t need halides
  • No PAC, so no Increased opacity - AS-ULTRA Improves ESP Performance
  • No dirty PAC handling - AS-ULTRA is Clean and Green

Best of All, AS-ULTRA will allow you to obtain your mercury and other regulated pollutant limits more effectively and less expensively!