Equipment Partners

EES Amended Silicates' AS mercury capture reagents have material properties that differ slightly from those of powdered activated carbons. In extensive discussions and technical conversations with equipment suppliers, we have developed a specification for more optimal, reliable transport, storage, and feeding of the material to consistently meet the EPA MATS standard. EES Amended Silicates has also developed a generic specification for a greenfield sorbent injection system fully compatible with both EES Amended Silicates and activated carbon products. A retrofit version of this specification is also available; please contact EES Amended Silicates for further information regarding your installation and a copy of the appropriate specification.

Multiple equipment partners that have experience with injecting EES Amended Silicates in temporary field trial installations, have evaluated the product’s flow characteristics and designed first-hand, from our equipment reference platform, the components required for reliable product flow at power plants. Contact EES Amended Silicates for recommended equipment venders.