Environmental Performance Assessment

Establishing Baseline

EES Amended Silicates' comprehensive source emissions expertise and operational experience provides plant operators with an essential baseline measurement, customized for their operating system, and a detailed strategy for maintaining or achieving alignment with state and federal emissions compliance regulations. Offering a meaningful gap analysis, EES Amended Silicates' thorough Performance Assessment considers both where each unique plant system is and ultimately where it must be to operate in compliance with state and federal regulations.

Expertise & Equipment

Subject to a myriad of stringent regulations for an array of chemicals, plant operators depend on reliable emission testing to secure vital permits, making accurate baseline testing essential. EES Amended Silicates' proven leadership in criteria pollutant and hazardous air pollutant measurement, built on nearly 5 decades of emission testing experience, coupled with advanced equipment and engineering expertise ensures fast and reliable results.


Service Details

  • Reliable Analysis Processes: Wet and Dry Methods, Sorbent Injection Testing, SCR Tuning Services, Multi-pollutant Control Trials
  • Chemicals Analyzed: HCl, HF, Hg, VOCs, SO3, SO2, Dioxins/furans, SVOC and Speciated VOC