EES Amended Silicates Product Shows Efficient Hg Capture in High SO3 Environment

In a recent field trial EES Amended Silicates demonstrated efficient and effective mercury capture of mercury from the flue gas at a plant burning Eastern bituminous coal. The trial was conducted at Santee-Cooper’s Winyah station Unit 4 in South Carolina. The host unit is equipped with a selective catalytic reactor (SCR) followed by parallel electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) modules. EES Amended Silicates (AS) mercury reagent was injected to capture mercury from the flue gas before it entered the wet FGD. Tests were run with and without simultaneous injection of hydrated lime. The host unit burns a medium sulfur eastern bituminous coal yielding a concentration of 20 ppm SO3 at the point of AS injection.