EES Announces Successful Integration of STEP Combustion

October 16, 2017, Sandy Hook, CT: Environmental Energy Services, Inc. (EES), a privately held clean energy company utilizing innovative chemistry for energy efficiency, air pollution control, and water treatment announces the successful integration of all aspects of STEP Combustion within EES. In January 2017, EES acquired Step Combustion, a specialized provider of in-furnace and post-combustion Air Pollution Control technologies for energy facilities, as well as a myriad of engineering services. STEP Combustion is an industry leader in fuel conversion and combustion control technologies used to reduce NOx, particulate matter (PM), unburned carbon and CO emissions at variety of facilities including utility power plants, paper & pulp mills, chemical plants, oil refineries, diesel engines and ethanol plants.

Making the announcement Rick Nowak, President & CEO of EES said, “We are proud to integrate STEP Combustion into the EES family and further expand our industry leading energy technology portfolio. EES is a recognized leader in using innovative chemistry for boiler performance improvement and water treatment. With the addition of STEP Combustion, we have gained a strong platform in the combustion modification market with technical solutions for both preand post-combustion emission control. STEP Combustion has been combined with our existing EES energy business and will expand our capabilities into Air Pollution Control for coal, natural gas, oil and biomass fueled power generation applications. This acquisition and integration is also part of our global growth strategy given that in key international markets, emissions control standards for solid fuels are getting tighter and STEP’s technologies will broaden the opportunity for EES.”

Robert Santangeli, Vice President, Engineering and Operations, EES and former President of STEP, stated, “We are excited to join an organization with such a significant presence and reputation in the power industry. With the financial, technical, manufacturing and marketing strengths that EES offers, particularly in global markets, we believe the potential to serve our customers and grow our business is significantly enhanced.”

Mr. Nowak concluded, “Growth through acquisition and its successful integration are an integral part of our overall strategy and we are always evaluating new opportunities. STEP Combustion is a significant addition to our Company as we continue to build stronger solution platforms for customers in the key markets of the power generation, petrochemical, refining and natural gas industries.

About EES

EES is a privately held clean energy company which utilizes innovative chemistry for energy efficiency, water treatment and air pollution control. EES provides combustion equipment and enhancement, boiler optimization, emissions reduction (mercury and other hazardous air pollutants), and water treatment technology to energy facilities across the globe. More information can be found at