EES Announces Acquisition of Delta Measurement & Controls, LLC and Combustion Technologies Corporation

January 22, 2019 Eastern Daylight Time

SANDY HOOK, Conn.– Environmental Energy Services, Inc. (EES), a privately held clean energy company utilizing innovative chemistry and engineering solutions for improved efficiency, emissions and water recovery announces the acquisition of Delta Measurement & Combustion Controls LLC (DMCCO) and Combustion Technologies Corporation (CTC). DMCCO manufactures multi-point continuous combustion analyzers for use in particulate-laden gas streams including utility & industrial boilers and lime kilns. DMCCO’s analyzers, measuring CO, O2, NO, and more assist in improving combustion and reducing NOx, loss-on-ignition, and slagging. CTC’s fuel and airflow measurement and balancing equipment provides advanced capabilities for energy efficiency improvements in fossil-fired power plants.

Rick Nowak, President & CEO of EES said, “The acquisition of Delta Measurement & Combustion Controls and Combustion Technologies Corporation further positions EES as a complete energy efficiency monitoring and optimization solutions provider serving utilities and a broad array of industrial applications including steel, cement, petroleum refineries, pulp & paper and others. Delta Measurement & Controls’ advanced analyzer products broaden our instrumentation and control capabilities and provide unique synergies for applications with our STEP Combustion APC division. Furthermore, CTC’s full-line of coal and airflow balancing instrumentation and adjustable diffusing coal valves fully compliment EES’ innovative solutions for improved boiler performance”.

Mark Keffer, Executive Vice President, EES stated, “We are excited to add Delta Measurement & Controls and Combustion Technologies Corporation to the EES family. With this new best-in-class O2, CO and NOx instrumentation for feedback and optimization we can offer customized engineered solutions for challenging environments. With the addition of CTC, we have complimented our existing STEP Combustion division in providing Work Practice Standards for boiler tuning in addition to meeting MATS and MACT requirements.”

Mr. Nowak concluded, “These acquisitions reflect our commitment to grow our businesses on a global level by building stronger solution platforms for customers in key markets.”

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EES utilizes innovative chemistry and engineering solutions for energy efficiency, air pollution control, and water treatment for energy facilities. In January 2017, EES acquired Step Combustion, a specialized provider of in-furnace and post-combustion Air Pollution Control technologies for energy facilities, as well as a myriad of engineering services. More information can be found at

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